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An EEA national does not require a visa to enter or remain in the UK. They are permitted, under European immigration law, to come to the UK to work, study, be financially self-sufficient, or maybe retire. Such activities are called “exercising Treaty rights”. To maintain a full legal status in the UK an EEA national must exercise Treaty rights in one way or another.

If the EEA national has family members who are also EEA nationals then of course the family members do not require any visa to come to the UK either.

But what if they have family members who are not EEA nationals? In such a situation European immigration law enables the non-EEA family member to apply for a European visa so that they can join their European family member in the UK or remain with them in the UK.

Such a European visa would be either an EEA Family Permit, an EEA Residence Card, or an EEA Permanent Residence Card, depending on the circumstances.

European law gives a very broad definition of “family member”, and it can include members of the family apart from partners and minor children.

EEA Family Permit

This is a visa which is issued (free of charge) by a diplomatic post outside the UK. It enables the non- EEA family member to come to the UK with their EEA family member or join their EEA family member in the UK.It is issued for six months.

EEA Residence Card

This is a visa which is issued (for £65) by the Home Office in the UK to a non-EEA family member who holds an EEA Family Permit or, potentially, any other kind of immigration status. It is issued for five years.

EEA Permanent Residence

After a continuous period of five years in the UK, an EEA national and/or their non-EEA family member(s) may (if all the relevant requirements are met) be able to apply for permanent residence (ie settlement). The EEA Permanent Residence Card is issued by the Home Office (for £65).

At Get UK Visa we have extensive experience of all kinds of European visas and we will be able to assist you.We will also be able to advise you about the situation with forthcoming Brexit.

We can assist our clients by –
  • We can advise on the correct documentation needed for your situation and assist you to obtain your Residence documents.
  • We can apply for a document to prove your right to live in the UK if you’re a citizen of a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland or you are a non EEA family member of EEA citizens.
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