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UK Work Permit Visa Process

February 2, 2017 567

The UK demands the most talented and skilled workers in the world in order to have good position in today’s market, The UK work permit visa, also known as Tier 2 sponsorship, is the leading method by which people can obtain a right to work for a UK company from anywhere in the world.

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Tier 2 visa requirements

-The Company sponsoring the migrant must hold a Sponsorship licence; this is an authorisation by the Home Office for the company to take on a sponsor migrant staff.

– The company must demonstrate that they had advertised the job to settled workers for a period of 28 days and a suitable candidate could not be found. Jobs that are on the designated shortage list, are not required to be advertised.

-The salary offered to the migrant must be above the minimum value as well as ensuring that the job is of the appropriate skill. The applicants must prove that they have required level of English and £945 in their bank account for 90 days before applying to prove that they can maintain themselves.

Please note that applicant can get indefinite leave to remain after 5 continues year living in the UK on tier 2 visa.

We can assist our clients by –
  • Certificate of sponsorship application
  • Tier 2 compliance
  • Visa application
  • Extending of tier 2 visa

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