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March 9, 2020 781

Global situation improving?

Some of us in the West have a vague and comforting notion that the global human rights situation is constantly improving. What we call “Western values” – democracy, the rule of law, liberal instincts  – are surely what everybody wants, and surely they must eventually permeate through to every corner of the globe? Human history is about cultural and political progress.

But is it really? A look around the world today is not encouraging in this respect. Countries such as Iran with oppressive religious regimes do not show any signs of softening. In China there is a huge amount of similarly oppressive state control (although in this case more typically anti-religious) which seems to be strengthening rather than weakening, and it seems that Western countries do not like to challenge this much – or at all – because China is such an important trading partner.

Elsewhere, oppressive regimes continue in South America, which in some parts is still experiencing its traditional political instability.

And in Europe things are not entirely perfect either. Russia and other formerly communist nations appear on paper to have adopted democracy but everybody knows that it is often a sham. A true democracy requires a fair and proper system of justice and in most cases the standards of the justice system fall far below western standards – and no chain is stronger than its weakest link. Such countries have created a curious kind of “semi-democracy”, which often shows its vicious and deeply undemocratic side.

It is a sad but true fact that there are large areas of the world where human rights are not respected and where the outlook is not bright.

Are you thinking of claiming asylum?

If you come from such a place, you are in the UK and you fear to return to your home country because you believe that you will be killed, tortured, unfairly imprisoned or otherwise severely mistreated you may be able to claim asylum in the UK.

There can be different reasons for persecution: politics, race, religion, sexual orientation and so on.

Your fear must be a realistic one and you must be able to provide some level of evidence about your case, but the level of proof required is not as high as it is in other legal fields.

If you want to claim asylum we can advise about your case and whether you have a strong claim, and the best way forward for you.

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