The new graduate UK visa

July 15, 2021 674

The new Graduate visa enables UK graduates to remain in the UK for a further period of either two or three years (depending on the academic level of their degree) after their student visa expires, and they are allowed to work in employment or self-employment. They are also allowed to set up their own business and run it.

However, the visa only lasts for as long as it does, it cannot be extended, it does not lead to settlement and it is not possible to switch to, for example, Start-Up visa, if the migrant has already established the business. Switching to Innovator visa would also be problematical and would probably not be possible either.

These two visas, Start-Up visa and Innovator visa, are now the two main visas for entrepreneurs. The former is granted for two years and does not lead to settlement and the latter is granted for three years and can lead to settlement. The latter sounds a lot better than the former, but the Innovator route suffers from the disadvantage that it requires minimum investment funds of £50,000, whereas the Start-Up visa has no such specific investment requirement.

So the best advice, if you hold a Graduate visa and you want to set up a business, may be to apply for a new visa (either Start-Up or Innovator) before you set up the business. Both these visa switches in the UK are allowed, as long as a business has not yet been established.

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